ADORING GOD PROJECT: "God of All Comfort" 



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NEWEST RELEASE: God of All Comfort


Part 1.  "God of All Comfort" Introduction 

Part 2. "God of All Comfort" Testimony: The Sauder's

Part 3.  " God of All Comfort" Featuring Iron Bell Music 

Part 4. "God of All Comfort" Prayer



Part 1"God of All Comfort" Introduction: Shelley Dedrick, Founder of Iron Bell Ministries, talks about how pain comes in all shapes and sizes. No matter the circumstances God sees and cares and wants to comfort you.

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Part 2: "God of All Comfort" Testimony: Hear from the Sauder family who lost their wife/mother to cancer. Through their grief they met the God of All Comfort. May you be encouraged that God is in the pain and the mess and is faithful to bring you to the other side. 

Part 3: "God of All Comfort" Song ( Featuring Iron Bell Music): This song, originally written for the Sauder family when Kristen passed away, talks about a God who meets us in the midst of the pain. As you listen to this song, we pray the comforter God will minister to you and that you will know He is with you.  

Part 4: "God of All Comfort" Prayer: Take 15 minutes to listen to this prayer letting the word of God bring healing and comfort to you. Soak in His presence as the truth of what He says renews your mind and brings you closer to Him.

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