Discipleship at Iron Bell

Our ministry centers on what we call the "3 Keys," a unique discipleship model we learned as the Lord worked personally in us to bring restoration. These keys help unlock your purpose and live life to the full as Jesus promised in John 10:10. We equip God's people to live a life of intimacy and to bring His kingdom wherever they go.



Learn how to cultivate intimacy through a lifestyle of adoration prayer. Gain a healed view of who God is and a healed view of your identity in Christ.


Discover your unique destiny and how to bring God's kingdom wherever you go.


Walk out your purpose by learning how to daily partner with God.


Partnering with the Holy Spirit

Walnut Hill Community Church

The Joseph Journey

Life to the Full 

Partnering With God by Hearing His Voice 

Like the Christian God Made You to Be

The 18 Inch Journey 

Podcast: "The Power  of Adoration Prayer"